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  • Industrial chemicals

    We manufacture various industrial solvents made from terpenes. These solvents are widely utilized for electronic materials such as conductive paste solvents or sintering binder solvents, and for industrial materials such as painting/printing ink solvents, cleaners and deodorants, wax, and floatation reagents.

  • Aroma chemicals

    With our long-term expertise and experience in synthesis/refining technology, we produce various ingredients for flavors/fragrances mainly from natural essential oils. These products are widely used for blending fragrances, and can be used as food additives, as we have obtained the Additive Production Businesses license required by the Food Sanitation Act in Japan.

  • Pharmaceuticals

    We manufacture pharmaceuticals (active pharmaceutical ingredients) under the GMP scheme and with a Pharmaceutical Manufacturer License. All of our products are Japanese Pharmacopoeia compliant.

  • Product development

    Adding to terpene derivatives, we offer unique solvents such as polyfunctional alcohol and chain-transfer agents used for RAFT polymerization.

Solvents used in Electronics Manufacturing

Starting materials we use are natural products, which are safe, easily biodegradable and, with little heating residues, ideal for electronic materials.


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