Terpene Business

What is "Terpene"?

Terpene is a generic name for a class of chemical compounds obtained from the essential oil components of plants. Terpene has a basic structure of 5 carbon atoms (isoprene), in which the number of carbon atoms in a terpene molecule is in multiples of five. Monoterpene, the group having 10 carbon atoms (C10), is widely used for flavors/fragrances, pharmaceuticals intermediate, and resin materials.

As a total solution company for terpene, Nippon Terpene offers a wide range of products, such as industrial materials, aroma chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

Product Manufacturing

In Terpene business, we manufacture many kinds of original products.

To assure reliable production, we have introduced the latest DCS (Distributed Control System) technology to support manufacturing. We will continue with our aim to create safer, effective production.

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