Research and Development

Research and Development Policy

Based on the terpene manufacturing technology which we have been developing over many years, we aim to create businesses that contribute to the changing and advancing chemical industries.

  • Our areas of R&D

    • Development of applications for fine chemicals such as pharmaceutical intermediates, food additives, electronic materials, and functional chemical materials
    • Development of precision polymerization using RAFT agents
  • Our R&D System

    Our R&D system fully utilizes collaboration across departments for obtaining information, or for offering technical assistance to our manufacturing divisions. All of these activities contribute to the creation of products satisfying the needs of our customers and society in general, and for the promotion of such product development.

Development of terpene production technology and new products

Here are some reaction examples using alpha-pinene and beta-pinene, the major constituents of our products.
These terpene compounds are used for various applications such as pharmaceuticals, aroma chemicals and food additives.
(See each Product page for the characteristics of each compound.)


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In our R&D activities, we develop compounds with higher functional properties through our terpene production technology.
The following products are mainly utilized as unique solvents in the field of electronic materials.

Terusolve THA series

Solvents with high viscosity and a milder odor than existing products.

Terusolve TOE-100

Ether compound derived from gum turpentine oil and ethylene glycol. It has a higher boiling point compared to existing terpene solvents, and can be used as a fixative.

Terpinyl methyl ether

An ether solvent derived from gum turpentine oil and methanol, with a mild odor.

Dihydroterpinyl methyl ether

A saturated type of terpinyl methyl ether. It has a characteristic of improved chemical stability and low residue.

Terusolve MTPH

A solvent in which terpene is bonded with cyclohexanol. It has characteristics of high-boiling point and high viscosity.

Reliable Contract Manufacturing Service that Meets your Requirements

By virtue of our long-time experience and expertise, our R&D teams offer a custom manufacturing service according to your requests.

We support a variety of reactions, such as oxidation, Grignard reaction, Wittig reaction, or rearrangement.
Especially, we promise secured and reliable production processes for oxidation reactions (peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide Air oxidation) due to our unique but proven terpene manufacturing technology that starts from the experimental stage.

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To secure our custom manufacturing, we have been continuously improving our instruments and devices for experiments/analyses.
This includes many experimental devices such as precision distillation columns, laboratory centrifuges, and filtering devices (normal pressure, vacuum and pressurized). The rich lineup is the same for analysis instruments, including GC, GC-MS, HPLC, TG-DTA, viscometers, IR, and UV.
Knowledge and data including reaction/extraction operation obtained from experiment reviews are summarized into data, and utilized in the prototyping and actual production. All these processes ensure the quality of our customized production.

  • GC
  • GC-MS
  • TG-DTA
  • Rotational viscometer

Development of RAFT agents: polymerization reagents allowing precision synthesis

RAFT (Reversible Addition-Fragmentation Chain Transfer) is one of new living radial polymerization methods.
As its characteristic, it allows polymers with narrow molecular amount distribution to be polymerized with the molecular amount adequately controlled.
We offer three-types of trithiocarbonate-type RAFT agents. Along with these agents, we also offer information on polymerizability.

  • C12TCSS

    For many varied uses as well as for methacrylate polymerization


    For acrylic tri-block


    For functionalization of terminal hydroxyl groups


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